Commission a Painting

 I paint commissioned portraits from a photograph. The steps for you are simple.

1. Send me an email - or a text 1-314-421-9901
2. Find a photo or several photos that you like. I like photos that are clear and bright. If you don’t have any photos you like we can set up a photo shoot or I can find the photo for you. I have a collection of a lot of people that I like to paint, like Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol. If we do a photo shoot my studio is downtown St. Louis, Missouri or if you can’t come to me I can travel to your house. Photo shoot take a couple of hours.
3. I will use the photos, and any desires or input you have to put together a mock up idea of the painting. I also can do the whole thing and surprise you. Some people like that.
4. Choose your size and price. FREE SHIPPING

These prices are based on one person in the painting. Other circumstances can be negotiated. All measurements are in inches.

12 x 12 - $425.

24 x 24 - $850.

30 x 30 - $1,500

36 x36 - $2,000

40 x 40 - $2,500

48 x 48 - $3,000

60 x 60 - $3,500

larger than 5 feet square get tricky because of the size that the wood comes in but can be done. Just call me and I’ll explain how I do larger sizes.

5. Pay.    Half is due to start. Total is due before I ship or deliver. I accept all credit cards. When you are ready for me to start, I will send you a payable invoice, through PayPal or my bank.
6. I get to work and create some kind of masterpiece. I will keep you updated on the progress. With oil paint there is a bit of drying time, especially if shipping is involved. I will need about a month to complete the painting depending on how many paintings I have going at that time.
All paintings are done in oil on gessoed hardboard with 3 inch deep sides and are ready to hang. Paintings are shipped in a wood crate.  Depending on where you live I can also hand deliver. I live in St. Louis, Missouri USA



23 in. X 23 in.


30 in. X 30 in.

30 in. X 40 in.