about me

Through my art I empower people undefined by gender to express and celebrate their uniqueness to feel strong and beautiful

I am an artist, designer.  My husband Jimmy and I own a five story warehouse in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA where we live with our little dog, Gisele.  My painting studio and design company are all here so I'm lucky enough to not have to drive to work.  We own an Airstream camper and love to travel, getting inspiration from all over this world. Pour me some tequila and start talking about Thailand and watch me continually talk for hours without stopping.

My goal in my work is to express my optimistic, happy, in love with life, quirky, deep, intimate and passionate perspective of life.

I choose my painting by recreating a visual of the feelings I am having at that moment.   I get to spend personal time with that passionate feeling that I long to experience. This is probably why I don’t paint a painting in one day.  I want to linger in that relationship.