Creatively Seeking - current painting performance


I’ve created an art show I’m truly excited about!
I have an art show coming up in two weeks. 😀
I’d love it if you came to see me, in a completely ‘out of my box’ art show.
Doing the traditional art shows wasn’t exciting me so I created something that did.
A theatrical performance that I’m painting live in.
I‘ve collaborated with some amazing artists who are actual performers, one was even a real Vegas show girl. This show is part of The St. Louis Fringe Festival therefore each show is only an hour long, so feel free to come to all three shows, they will each have a special guest and will each be slightly different and I will be painting a different painting at each show.
The venue is a new venue in The Grove in St. Louis. The Olive Branch pop up at
1211 S. Newstead rd. St. Louis, MO 63110
If you don’t live here or aren’t in town we will have a video made to watch later.
All of the art will be for sale as well as additional clothing merchandise with a special discount for those nights only. 
Buy your tickets now, they are only $15. There are only 100 seats for each show, I don’t want you to miss out. The Saturday show is listed on the Fringe website at 8pm. It’s actually 2pm.
Tickets are for sale on the St. Louis Fringe website.
Creatively Seeking is an investigation of how varied artists access work and
expression through examining their inner truths. Spend an hour onstage with a painter,
life coach, aerialist and photographer and participate in creation. Firmly based in the concept that “we are the art”, these women walk the walk and talk the talk to bring
out the humanity in artistic connection.