Art Coaching

The ‘Being an Artist Experience’

Can you create a painting but struggle to create a living with your art?

Have you lost hope and want to give up on your art?

Is what you’re doing as an artist, not working?

Do you want to get in the zone state of making art and stay there?

Does rejection or negativity get you down or stop you from going forward?

Are you having a problem staying motivated or comitted?

Do you think you’re not good enough because you are a self taught artist?

Are you struggling making money as an artist and need an new plan?

Have you been making art the same way for too long and need to break out of your box?

Do you need to learn something new but are afraid to try

Is wanting to be an artist just weird and hard to figure out?   I can help you!

The Being an Artist Experience

What the experience looks like

(Limited to 12 artists per year)

A year long journey taking your art career to the next level.
Using my over 35 years of experience of doing it wrong at times and learning the hard way, being a career artist and an InnerMost Shift Art Coach, I partner with you on this journey in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your full potential.

  1. We will Co-creating a painting together as a vision of your success.
  2. We will have an end of the year art show, celebrating your successful journey.
  3. You will receive personalized, one on one, zoom coaching sessions for a year. (See some of the details about this coaching below)
  4. Join the 11 other artist for three Art Trips: (traveling expenses are not included)

       1.  A creating retreat

       2. A midsummer art camp

       3. An ‘Art Basel’ holiday party in Miami Florida

     5. Weekly inspiration and accountability check-ins.

     6. Support from art and business resources and the other artists on this years journey to bring your dreams and vision to reality.

     7. Access to a private Facebook group for the other 11 artists on this journey to support one another on this journey of art.

Coaching Session info

1. One on One Coaching Zoom calls generally lasting an hour every 2-4 weeks. These sessions have an outline but are tailored to each artists individual needs.

2. Session #1 - Getting to the root of the struggle.

3. Session #2 - Foundation - Getting to your Guru State and staying there.
4. Session #3 - Creating your values based ‘Why’ to connect with your ideal customers. Create your Vision - A day in the future, ‘Your Burning Desire’
5. Session #4 - Your roadmap to ‘Getting There from Here’
6. Session #5  ON - designed for your specific needs:
Removing fears, Removing insecurities, Staying Focused, Endurance, Support for well being and structure, Hurdles that stop you, Getting through dull tasks, Discipline of execution, Showing up like a super hero, Getting past worries and doubt, Websites, Facebook business pages, Growing your fan base, Using video and Facebook live, Building a customer VIP email list, Using Facebook marketing, Connecting with your ideal clients with stories, Creativity, Art shows, Needing inspiration, Challenging people, Feel Good for no damn reason, Not letting triggers get you, Becoming a roll model for others, and more.
7. Regular emails with book recommendations, meditations, video inspirations and things I learn along the way to inspire and uplift you.
8. Me 🌸 as ongoing support and an accountability manager, always a text or an email away, walking with you on the way to achieving your dreams.


First session - FREE - no obligation  -  schedule your free appointment

Individual sessions  - $200.

Schedule an appointment 

The ‘Being an Artist Experience’  (limited to 12 artists per year)

 12 months, start any time. Can be paid monthly 🌸 - $8,000

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 painter and art coach

Through my art I empower people to express and celebrate their uniqueness to feel strong and beautiful.
A career oil painter, specializing in people, the figure, empowering people’s uniqueness and excellence through paintings.
Committed to abolishing the ‘starving artist stereotype’, coaching other artists with one on one zoom coaching, supporting all artists to thrive and prosper.
Traveling often in her Airstream and in tropical locations to paint and experience this beautiful world.
I am your life cheerleader with art!
I am here to support your excellence!
I am here to empower Connections!
I am here to illuminate significance!